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Quality orthodontic care in a relaxed environment

Your Orthodontic Treatment

We understand you might feel a little anxious, that’s why our friendly team do all we can to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during your first orthodontic treatment visit. When you visit an orthodontist like ours, we want you to feel at ease knowing you’ll get the best possible care.

Your first visit

Here’s what to expect at your first consultation at ORTHODONTIX:
How much will Orthodontic Treatment Cost?

Orthodontics is a specialised service provided by an expert, with most treatments taking around 12-18 months. We understand it’s an investment for yourself or child. Orthodontic costs aren’t covered by Medicare or the national Child Dental Benefits Scheme. However, your private health insurance extras may include some of the costs of orthodontic treatment. That’s why we offer financial plan options to help with the commitment you make for orthodontic care.

How is each Orthodontic Treatment unique?

We individually tailor your treatment plan because no two patients are the same. Although you may have similar orthodontic concerns to other people, the way you respond, the treatment option you prefer and the outcomes you want may be different. We find successful outcomes come from personalised treatment and care plans, suited specifically to you.

Where can I find more information?

Orthodontics Australia is a reliable source for more information about Orthodontics, what you can expect and treatment options. Their website has a lot of information, but remember we’re happy to answer any questions you may also have.