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ORTHODONTIX aims to provide a high level of treatment for all our patients. Accurate scheduling of different types of appointments plays a significant role. As treatment progresses you will need to visit us every four to eight weeks for adjustments to your appliances. These visits are important for treatment progress and identifying any developing problems that may delay or hinder your treatment.
As a general guideline, all appointments 15 minutes or less in duration (i.e. adjustment appointments) are scheduled before and after school hours. Appointments 20 minutes and longer are scheduled during school hours.
Appointment times for broken brackets are available between 2- 3 pm. If a patient has a significant number of breakages a fee will be incurred each additional visit.
ORTHODONTIX appreciates your time is valuable, and where possible, we will make every attempt to accommodate you at the time you request. When this is not possible, your understanding & flexibility is appreciated.
As a courtesy, ORTHODONTIX will call and confirm all appointments scheduled for 20 minutes or longer.


Please notify the Practice as soon as possible of your intention to cancel an appointment. With enough notice, we are able to offer the appointment to another patient whilst booking the next available appointment for you and avoiding any disruption to your treatment progress.

Missed Appointments

If you fail to attend an appointment, please notify the Practice as soon as practicable to rebook. A Fail to Attend Fee of $50.00 may apply to patients who continue to miss appointments.
Address: 7 Starkey Street FORESTVILLE NSW 2087
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