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What you need to know

Adult Orthodontic Treatment

It’s never too late to make the orthodontic improvements you’ve always wanted.
What you need to know

Your treatment with Orthodontix

We’re helping more and more adults find the orthodontic solutions they’ve hoped for. Advancements in orthodontic care, means adult orthodontic treatment is now more achievable than ever:
Why should you get Orthodontic Treatment as an adult?
It’s becoming more and more common for adults to seek out teeth straightening treatments, even if they’ve had braces earlier in life.
If you’ve experienced changes in tooth alignment because you were not compliant with your retainer when you were younger (a common occurrence among teenagers), or you have concerns about the alignment of your teeth we can help find the right adult treatment to suit.
What types of adult orthodontic treatment are there?
In addition to Invisalign® clear teeth aligners, we offer a number of orthodontic treatments, including traditional metal braces, translucent braces, and more.
Your initial consultation will help determine your needs and goals providing us with the information we need to draw up a plan that’s right for you.
What type of adult braces are right for you?
All types of braces and orthodontic treatment can be used for adults, but most focus on aesthetic goals. It’s more common for adults to choose more discreet options such as clear braces or Invisalign®.
The long-term benefits from adult treatment include:

Improved personal appearance and self-esteem.

Healthier teeth and gums as you age.

Reduced wear and tear of teeth from an uneven bite or grinding.

Prevention of headaches, possibly caused by jaw joint (TMJ/ TMD pain).

Our practice recognises adults and children have different needs and require a different level of attention and care. For more than 20 years Dr Roger Hammond has transformed the smiles of adult patients and will ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment for your needs.

Through the use of advanced technology, we’re equipped to provide the most effective solution in the shortest amount of time for our patients. Our clinic is a comfortable and inviting environment making the experience of creating a brand-new smile for you an enjoyable one”.

Orthodontix Treatment Options

There is a treatment suitable for you or your child for the perfect smile.

Early Treatment

Early treatment has the best results. The Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO) recommends kids see an orthodontist between the ages of six and eight. As an orthodontist on the Northern Beaches for 20 years, we know early detection and treatment to correct jaw growth and certain bite problems, such as underbite have better outcomes.
Teenage Orthodontic Treatment

Teenage Treatment

Whether your teenager needs traditional metal braces, Invisalign® or a retainer, we’ll be by your side every step of the way from the initial consultation to the final visit.