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Enhance your smile with premier orthodontic services in Northbridge and Forestville! Our cutting-edge facilities specialise in advanced orthodontic solutions include braces, invisalign, clear aligners and early intevention treaments tailored to meet your unique needs. Conveniently situated to serve you better, our clinics are just around the corner, making your journey to a radiant and healthy smile effortless. Secure your appointment now and embark on the journey to transforming your smile. Optimise your orthodontic health with us today! 


7 Starkey St
Forestville NSW 2087
+61 (02) 9451-3477


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Orthodontix Forestville

Discover unparalleled orthodontic excellence at Orthodontix Forestville, the leading destination for exceptional orthodontic services in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Experience the warmth and comfort of our modern, light-enhanced clinic, equipped with advanced orthodontic technology to deliver outstanding results for your smile. Benefit from the ease of our on-site parking and the expertise of our seasoned specialist orthodontists, who have been transforming smiles with precision and care for over two decades. If you’re seeking expert orthodontic care in the Forestville area, Orthodontix is your ultimate choice for achieving the smile of your dreams.

Orthodontix Northbridge

Step into Orthodontix Northbridge, the pinnacle of orthodontic excellence on Sydney’s North Shore. Our state-of-the-art, newly established clinic is outfitted with the most advanced orthodontic technology, and our devoted team of expert specialist orthodontists who are passionate about crafting the smile you’ve always envisioned. Experience the comfort and inviting ambiance of our spacious clinic, the ideal setting for embarking on your path to a radiant and healthy smile. Seize the opportunity to transform your smile—reach out to us now to book your appointment at Orthodontix Northbridge.

Our Treatment Options

Early Orthodontic Treatment
Early Orthodontic Treatment Read More

As a leading children’s orthodontist in Sydney we know you want the best dental care for your child. We help you understand what treatment your child might need now or in the future.

Teenage Orthodontic Treatment
Teenage Orthodontic Treatment Read More

The teenage years are the most typical time to start orthodontic treatment. At ORTHODONTIX we offer the latest treatment and technology options for your teenager. Making the experience less intrusive with more comfortable solutions.
Adult Orthodontic Treatment
Adult Orthodontic Treatment Read More
We’re helping more and more adults find the orthodontic solutions they’ve hoped for. Advancements in orthodontic care, means adult orthodontic treatment is now more achievable than ever:

Braces Read More

ORTHODONTIX is the leading braces specialist for children, teens and adults in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore areas. Braces are a classic orthodontic treatment. From straightening misaligned teeth to fixing an incorrect bite, braces are an effective treatment for many orthodontic issues.

Invisalign Read More

We’ve boosted the confidence of hundreds of patients on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore with Invisalign® Treatment.

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Looking to improve the appearance and health of your smile? Our experienced orthodontists are here to help. We offer consultations to discuss your treatment options and help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and take the first step towards a better, more confident you.

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